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Founding of Nostalgia -- Why We Exist

As of December 9th, 2018, I started the Nostalgia kinship.

My intentions were simple: I wanted to create a kinship where all of those who enjoy soloing are treated equally to those who enjoy being social. A place for players who never thought they'd be interested in a kinship, or were not ready for a kinship experience, and certainly didn't want all of the typical kinship pressures. May be you're like me? May be you're tired of the general MMO guild life, but still want access to the benefits of being in a guild? If so, then you feel quite at home in our kinship.

What's in a Name?

Definition of nostalgia
2: a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition

When deciding upon a name for this new form of a reclusive kinship, I knew I wanted to keep it short and sweet. It had to be somewhat original, and I didn't want to mimic those dime-a-dozen, jocular kinship names you see while exploring Middle Earth. One word to express a longing some might feel with LOTRO. With many old players returning to LOTRO, perhaps many are like me. Do you want to enjoy all of the fond memories of playing the game, but you're so over the kinship-scene? A name to nicely package that sentiment.

What is a "Reclusive" Kinship?

The term implies that we cater to both introverts and extroverts equally. For those who prefer progressing alone, to those who enjoy fellowship as they adventure through Middle Earth, Nostalgia is a kinship that gives you the freedom of that flexibility. We have absolutely no requirements for activity or grouping. More importantly, we strive to ditch the traditional kinship scene of pressure, drama, and politics.

Our Promises To You

  1. We will never pressure you to be more active, socialize more, level faster, or group more often.
  2. We will not belittle you for your level, gear, or current progression.
  3. You do not have to use kinship chat or VoIP (Discord) to be here and enjoy the kinship.
  4. You are welcome to log in and out as you please. And we have an open door policy: you are welcome to leave and rejoin at will.
  5. We will never require applications or interviews to join our kinship.
  6. And when you are ready to enjoy group content, we will do our best to facilitate it.
Also, if you prefer, we promise to leave you alone. You're free to lurk and be a hermit if that's your style.

Our Requirements
All members who join must agree to our requirements.

  1. Be respectful and considerate of your fellow kinship members.
  2. When you wear our kinship's title, do not troll or harass other players and kinships.
  3. We want to keep kinship chat family-friendly, so please refrain from sexual topics, talk of violence, and explicit language.
  4. Please remove yourself from unnecessary drama. No one wants to deal with drama, especially a reclusive kinship.
We hope that you consider Nostalgia a welcoming kinship that let's you be you. Treat others as you'd like to be treated. We can all enjoy LOTRO together while still progressing through Middle Earth on our own, individual terms. What other kinship do you know of that welcomes soloers, lurkers, or just generally shy members?

Please note that this is a living document and that while we will always uphold our original promises to our members, we may choose to evolve our purpose over time to meet our current member's needs. Regardless, Nostalgia will always be a welcoming kinship for all types of players, from the most introverted to the most extroverted.
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